Our Story


Hey 👋 Everyone 😊.

My name is Anaya, 21 year old running a all things beauty online shop. Some of you may not know the history/ upcoming events that has actually made Natural Nay.

Ever since I was 16 I have always wanted to be my own boss. I’ve always wanted to uplift people and make them feel confident with themselves. It Started off by me being into make up, hair and skin care when I was really young. I started getting into hair health and skin health at 13 years old. Once I was 13 I use to make my own hair care and some skin care products due to having products In stores that really didn’t work for my hair, and kept my hair extremely dry, also didn’t have moisturizers to keep my skin moisturized and soft for 24 hours. I really got into DIY’s making overnight hair masks, hair butters, hair gels, body creams, body butter and etc. In 2019 I went through a dark place in life and needed something to keep me going in life. That’s when Natural Nay came about. I started selling lashes and makeup February 14th 2019. I didn’t want to make hair and skin care products at first because of my own doubts but, family and friends encouraged me to start selling hair and skin care products. As time went by I finally got the confidence and courage to make effective hair and skin care products for men and women and I’m honestly so grateful for everyone who has supported Natural Nay!